PATRICE ATHANASE TALON (President of Benin Republic)


Patrice Guillaume Talon, the “King of Cotton”, widely regarded as one of the brightest and influential politician cum businessman in the West-Africa sub-region, is the 8th President of Benin Republic. His leadership has positioned his country on the pathway of prosperous economic development.

President Patrice, 62 through dynamic economic reforms since becoming Beninese President in 2016, has propelled Benin to be globally recognized as a center for sustainable development.

His achievements and economic impact on Benin has been underscored by the recent economic ranking by the World Bank which upgraded Benin from low to lower-middle income status; making it one of the fastest growing economy in West-Africa. This has provided new momentum that has galvanized its citizens to becoming the leading producers of cotton in Africa.

A seasoned reformer and agronomist, President Talon was a foremost producer and supplier of cotton in Francophone West-Africa.

Patrice, during his first term in office recorded significant achievements in the fight against corruption. His administration has also witnessed improvement in the independence of the country’s judiciary and has restored discipline in its civil service.

He has also built stronger economic diplomatic relations with France and other top francophone countries that has attracted more foreign direct investment into the country.

In 2015, US magazine Forbes listed him as the 15th richest person in Sub-Saharan Africa with his wealth valued at over $400 million.

A purveyor of the rule of law, President Patrice’s remarkable achievement as President remains benchmark for other African leaders.


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