JOHN POMBE MAGUFULI (President of Tanzania)


Popularly regarded as the “Bulldozer”, President John Magufili, the fifth president of Tanzania is a renowned politician and economist whose innovative style of leadership has drawn admiration from both local and international observers.       

President Magufili has succeeded in introducing economic reforms and programs which have positively impacted on the nation’s economy.

His reforms have been underscored by the recent economic ranking of the World Bank which upgraded Tanzania from low to lower-middle income status; making it the fastest growing economy in East- Africa – a clear indication of Magufili’s leadership prowess in galvanizing the economy of the country.

A distinguished diplomat, academia and scholar, President John Magufili has held strategic leadership position prior to his assumption of office as President in 2015.            President John Magufili in his first term in office recorded significant achievements in the fight against corruption, cutting cost of running government, including the ban on foreign trips by government officials.

This has resulted in reduction of dependence on foreign aid, provision of free education, implementation of water projects across the country, increased budget for higher education loans and the implementation of the standard gauge railway using internal financing; amongst others.             

An avid reformer, an administrator par excellence and a man of impressive accomplishments, John Magufili stewardship as President of Tanzanian has indeed set the country as a model for other African Leaders.


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