The world, as the saying goes, is a global village; and this was reflected at the recent world solidarity virtual High-Level meeting which was jointly hosted by Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau of Canada and Andrew Holness of Jamaica.

Bringing together 50 world leaders and international organizations, the meeting came up with a joint initiative to sharpen and accelerate global response to the economic and human impacts of COVID-19.

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari speaking at the occasion, used the platform to appeal to world leaders to toe the path of global solidarity and equally waive the debts of poorer countries.

President Buhari further highlighted the effects of COVID-19 on Nigeria, including dwindling oil prices, and worsening levels of poverty exacerbated by the country’s weak system. This according to him was crippling the previous achievements of his administration and making it difficult for Nigeria to fund the 2020 budget.

The President went on to state that “Rising now and standing together in true global solidarity to my mind is the only hope for humanity, the best approach to safe guarding the 2030 SDGs and the only way we can build back for more resilient economies and societies”.

Ultimately, the meeting is expected to restore confidence in the world economy and jump-start global development as the world moves into post COVID-19 era.


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