COVID-19: Chinese govt. donates preventive materials to Nigeria


As part of the global effort to curb the wide-spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria, the government of China donated preventive medical materials to Nigeria.

While receiving the materials on behalf of the Nigerian government, the Director, Policy Plan & Research Statistics, Mr. Lot Egopija alongside the Director, Training & Welfare, Mrs. I.R Ocheni of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked the Chinese government for the support shown towards fighting the global pandemic.

In his remark, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian expressed gratitude to Nigeria government for its strong support and assistance in various means, especially towards Chinese nationals residing in Nigeria.

“At the most difficult moment in our fight against the outbreak of Covid-19, China received strong political support and assistance in various means from the government and good people of Nigeria”. He said

Mr. Pingjian concluded by expressing China’s readiness in sharing information and experience with Nigeria and strengthen cooperation on containment, treatment, and vaccines in response to the Covid-19 challenges.


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