Corporate Profile

Diplomatic Vista is published in London, UK, and distributed worldwide… USA, Europe, Africa and rest of the world. In a nutshell, DV provides a platform between Nigeria and international community. Our thrust is to positively project the activities of the Nigerian Government, The Armed Forces, MDAs and the top echelons of the nation to the international community; highlighting the pride and success of Nigeria.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Diplomatic Vista magazine.

We pride ourselves as the pioneer and main platform for projecting diplomatic engagements and activities between Nigeria and the rest of the world.

In order to accommodate the peculiar dynamism of the society today; our scope includes but not limited to promoting issues relating to Social Development, Economic Diplomacy, Good Governance and Environment.

What We Do

Our activities and ventures cut across the spectrum of the society, including:

  • Diplomatic Vista Magazine
  • Publishing & Printing of Books & Journals for Clients
  • Periodic Diplomatic & Economic Round Table Meeting between the Arms of Government (Executive, Legislature & Judiciary)
  • Consulting Services to the Diplomatic Missions and Governments
  • Organizing events & Conferences

How we operate:

We operate with you as partners; and right from the inception of any project, we incorporate your views and objectives in the final solutions to be executed.

We aim to stay on the cutting edge of service delivery and offer a totally bespoke solution.

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