Amb. Lot Egopija & Joyce Adewumi, President, African Chorus Ensemble
Amb. Lot Egopija & Joyce Adewumi, President, African Chorus Ensemble

To underscore its rich global cultural appeal and to further promote Nigeria’s cultural heritage and Arts in the U.S, the Consulate General of Nigeria in New York  has continued to promote the cultural library at the Nigeria House.

Amb. Lot Egopija, the Consul-General of Nigeria Consulate, highlighted the significance of the cultural library during the 12th Annual New York City Multicultural Festival, organized by African Chorus Ensemble, an initiative of U.S based Nigerian Art and Culture proprietress, Joyce Adewumi.

While explaining that the library was launched to give individuals a better understanding of the diversity of Nigeria’s culture, especially in the aspect of food, music, dressing, artifacts, respect and ability to live in unity irrespective of differences, the Ambassador said “The library is opened for Nigerians and other interested nationals.’

The envoy went on to commend the initiative of the festival organizers for giving groups from other countries and organizations a platform to also showcase their culture, and noted that the festival can be a means to improve community policing as the officers present at the occasion also get to have a glimpse of the people’s psyche, thereby reducing crime in the society.

The founder of African Chorus Ensemble, Ms. Adewumi, while speaking at the event said the festival had been a unifying force for different races, groups and cultures since the past 12 years.


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