About DV Magazine

Facts about Diplomatic Vista

Print Run: 50,000 copies
Size: A4 Finish
Pagination: 92 pp
Finishing: Perfect Bound
Copy Deadline: 21 days before production

Sections: Diplomatic Focus, Villa Diary, MDA Reflection, MFA Pages

MFA Pages (Projecting activities of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Focus: Focus of the DV is wide and comprehensive: To

Provide an in-depth analysis of diplomatic issues as they affect Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular

Cover diplomatic activities of Nigerian president, activities of Nigerian Missions abroad, and activities of Nigeria Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Highlight the activities of Foreign Missions as well as International Organizations in Nigeria.

Produce special focus and supplements on State Governments as well as MDA’s in Nigeria by highlighting their activities / available investment opportunities that are open to potential foreign investors.

Distribution: The Presidency, all MDA’s and their principal officers.

All foreign missions in Nigeria for their missions and onward transmission to relevant MDA’s in their home countries.

All Nigerian Missions in 102 countries worldwide.

Nigerian corporate executives, professionals & Entrepreneurs

Our subscribers and other various stakeholders.