Abdulrasheed Bawa is a thoroughbred detective and law enforcement agent with vast experience in the investigation and prosecution of economic crimes.

Appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari in February 2021, Bawa rose through the ranks to become the youngest and first core EFCC personnel to occupy the position of the Executive Chairman of the Commission.

He began his career at the anti-graft agency as an Assistant Detective Superintendent (ADS) in 2004 and progressed to the rank of Deputy Detective Superintendent (DDS) in 2007. He became a Senior Detective Superintendent (SDS) in 2010 and a Principal Detective Superintendent (PDS) in 2013. He rose to the rank of Deputy Chief Detective Superintendent (DCDS) in 2016, a position he held until his appointment.

Bawa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from Usman Danfodio University. He is currently studying for a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at the University of London.

He has trained in a number of world-class institutions including the US Federal Bureau Investigations (FBI), the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA), the Nigeria Police Force, the Nigeria State Security Services, among others.

Abdulrasheed Bawa is a man of outstanding intellect whose diligence and expertise have earned him the prestigious position of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. His appointment as the EFCC Chief is indeed a testament to the remarkable career trajectory he has had in the last 16 years.


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